Alcoholic Drinks

Bringing you a huge variety and flavours of exotic Rums, Vodka, Gins, Tonic wines and Pre-mix alcoholic drinks from across the globe; most of which you won't find in your local supermarket. Stocking all the hard to find favourites such as Magnum Tonic Wine, multiple flavours of Au Vodka, Ciroc Vodka and flavoured Desperados( red, exotic rum, mojito, strawberry margarita and melon cooler). The lesser seen flavours of Cornwall's very own Dead Man's Fingers Rum: cherry, pineapple and coffee. Our Caribbean range of spirits and lagers is second to non in Cornwall with the likes of Carib, Banks, Rum-bar, Sunset, Sparrow, Gin ting, Bacardi, Jaffa Cake, Chairman's Reserve and plenty more.

We stock brands such as: Red label, West Indies Liqueurs, Wha gwan, Magnum, Ragga, Desperado, Tarquins, Gin & Rum ting, Jaffa cake, Wood's, Pusser's, Plantation, Rum-bar, Sunset, Old J, Bullion, Bacardi, Kraken, Pull the Pin, Ciroc, Au vodka, Four loko, Dragon soop and Brothers.